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Stress farts

A while back I was in consultation with a staff member at an elementary school. He was relaying to me an interaction he had with a student. I had just taught the entire student body about stress, how their brain reacts to stress, and proactive strategies they can use to promote a healthy brain and regulate themselves when stressing. This student had become overwhelmed by a situation at recess and was clearly stressing and unable to focus on the writing assignment before him. This staff member reminded the student of a few regulation activities he knew worked for this student. Afterwards the student labeled his dysregulation as a “stress fart” similar to a “brain fart.” He said he felt like he was disconnected from his strategies and couldn’t remember what to do. This student was able to get back to his job at school because he understood his own biology and had a supportive adult who knew how to intervene. Stress farts happen to all of us. When we have a supportive teammate who knows what we need we can move on quicker!

When have you experienced a stress fart? Maybe you experience a stressful moment in the middle of a new lesson or at the end of a long day. What helped you to refocus? Was it a co-worker who brought you some chocolate? Or maybe taking a walk outside during your lunch break? Did you take a walk to the staff room for a cup of coffee? How have you used the power of teamwork to relieve your stress fart? Share your story of stress farts below.


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